Hi I’m Mike, a fitness coach based in Sydney, Australia. Helping people reach their full potential is my passion. I like hard work and setting long term goals and enjoy working with people who feel the same. There is nothing more satisfying than achieving something you have to work hard for. I work with all levels from beginners to seasoned pros in either my private studio in Waterloo or virtual anywhere in the world.


I have created a set of packages to cater to the different needs of clients that I work with. If one of these sounds like you click for more info.

Strength Conditioning

I am a qualified ASCA S&C coach. I can customise strength programming for the general public more specifically than you’re average PT. If you are just starting out or bored from years of the same routine I can help you.

Weight Loss

To lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way burning calories is only part of the answer. I have created a complete solution with checks and guidance in place for resistance and cardio training, nutrition and lifestyle factors.

Mental health

I have lived with anxiety for most of my life. My training routine has been a big help taking the edge off the ups and downs. One year I started practicing Yoga to help manage the symptoms and it worked so well I ended up studying and became a teacher.

Sport Specific / Injury management

I am familiar working with athletes and integrate pre-hab training for whichever sport my clients participate in: running, cycling etc. I believe it’s just as important to prevent injury as improve performance. I am comfortable training clients with acute or chronic injuries.

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